Gaining value from data. Start at stupid simple.

We believe most people and organizations are overwhelmed by the data they encounter.

The below seems to be an accurate visual:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 3.09.09 PM.png

Here are some interesting points we believe apply to all people and organizations:

  1. Data is a raw commodity. How you refine it, the analysis you perform is what matters. This is where data analytics comes in.
  2. People and organizations are generally bad with analysis. Most people don’t like it, bias seeps in or post-analysis something controversial is surfaced.
  3. It’s ok to fail. Better to test a hypothesis and learn what works/doesn’t vs. always running the status quo.
  4. There are various solutions to help you. Hone in on one or numerous offerings fitting your needs and capabilities.
  5. Breakdown your thought process by collection, storage, visualization, and analysis.
  6. We’re beginning to see intelligent systems performing automated analysis (what we’re building at Sphere).
  7. Benchmarking provides a quick gut check.
  8. If you feel overwhelmed, that’s ok. Keep it stupid simple at first.
  9. Better questions lead to better information. Keep peeling back the onion.
Graham Garner